Sunday, 25 June 2017


16 October, 12:25

Batchuns income will be recounted by the deputies

At the Verkhovna Rada Justice Committee session on October, 14 the most heated debate was about District administrative Court President Oleg Batchun’s property.

Deputy, Andrei Portnov, informed everyone about disproportion between Mister Batchun’s income (about 18 thousand dollars a year) and his expense, which are private charter flights to the most prestigious world resorts (more than 20 in 5 years), the car BMWX6 2008, expensive mobile phones “Vertu”, top-class restaurants and what is the most important, a luxurious detachment house built on the 6, 5 hectares area in Butcha village.

People`s deputy, Valeriy Pisarenko, proved his colleague`s words by showing some photos and other facts. Another people`s deputy stated that Mister Batchun got the ex-pioneer camp`s territory via three administrative courts` decision, which looks like a friends party. You can read these decisions here.

As a result of this discussion, the Committee made a decision to form a group of three people`s deputies who spoke at the meeting and their colleagues Yuri But and Vadim Kolesnitchenko for the purpose of studying the facts. Another decision is to invite Oleg Batchun to the next Committee session to let him expound his point of view and ask him some questions everyone is interested in.


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