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4 November, 13:06

High level scientific contact has been established in Dnepropetrovsk

World science notability, Italian psychologist Antonio Meneghetti gave a lecture in Dnepropetrovsk Economy and Law University. This spectacular event in Dnepropetrovsk life is worth of being considered. About the visit of Antonio Meneghetti we talked to deputy of Ukraine Svyatoslav Oleynik.

- Tell us about Antonio Meneghetti lecture in Dnepropetrovsk. What problems did he make an emphasis on?

- On the 18th of October a famous Italian psychologist, founder of onto psychological methodological principles, author of more than 40 books and monographs, Antonio Meneghetti visited Dnepropetrovsk. Professor Meneghetti founded the leader psychology conception that proved to be effective for more than 10 years and is used in economy and politics.

The lecture given in the Academy was dedicated to the ways of achieving human identity and possibilities with the purpose of carrying out effective actions in society.

- Who invited Professor Meneghetti to our city?

 - Professor Meneghetti accepted Dnepropetrovsk Economy and Law University`s invitation, which is not accidental.

This is one of the best Dnepropetrovsk Universities that brought together the unique team of brilliant scientists and talented pedagogues.

- What`s the importance of this visit for Dnepropetrovsk and its citizens.

- More than 400 people assisted at the lecture. They had a lifetime opportunity to become familiar with the advanced and basic scientific thought, which is incentive to scientific progress.

One can be bold to state a fact: high level contact has been established.

Some guests of honor from Saint-Petersburg University assisted at the lecture. This is a scientific school of authority on a world-scale.

- Does it mean Dnepropetrovsk`s making steps in scientific progress?

- Not just scientific. Science is supposed to be efficient instead of being just a bare theory.

The lecture is the best proof of it.

Onto psychology is the science that has been developing in different countries. Their positive results in economy are undeniable.

Finally we were honored with onto psychology founder presence in Ukraine, in our home Dnepropetrovsk.

As a Dnepropetrovsk citizen, I was honored to assist at the lecture. I would like to thank Dnepropetrovsk Economy and Law University and the mayor Ivan Kulitchenko.

By Olga Juravel,