Sunday, 25 June 2017


4 November, 13:52

Now in Dnepropetrovsk there is Apology service

If you can’t find right words, if people don’t hear you or you just can’t apologize – now it’s the occupational psychologists’ concern to do that for you. Dnepropetrovsk is the first Ukrainian city with “Apology service”, - informs Dniprograd with references to 11 channel.

It was created on basis of an occupational psychology center where the psychologists helped their client to apology about six months ago, the situation was really tough. Since then they realized that nowadays this kind of service will be a success.

The service work scheme is quite simple. Clients fill in a form, speak to the psychologists and explain their vision of apology, shall it be private or by phone; if there have to be flowers or presents, everything depends on the problem. The staffers convince of professional help advantages. In six months term this service did apologize a lot to solve quite common problems with the help of a mere phone call or a message as well as tough situations trying to reconcile relatives who haven’t spoken to each other for many years.